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Do You Know About The Ceremony To Get Lucky Water Of Ha Nhi Ethnic Minority In Vietnam

When the first cockcrow marks the / Lunar New Year, the Black Ha Nhi ethnic-minority people in Dao San Commune of Phong Tho District in Lai Chau Province, get right up to carry a cere-mom- to get lucky water.

How to check out and explore the ceremony to obtain lucky water of Ha Nhi ethnic-minority,:

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3. Come to go to Dao San Commune of Phong Tho District in Lai Chau Province, Vietnam and get right up to carry a cere-mother- to get lucky water

People from every home light a torch, placed on indigo traditional clothing, a hat or turban and go out without footwear just while their ancestors did.

The pipe to obtain the lucky- drinking water is a sec’tion of some sort of bamboo. It should be three intermodes close to the the surface of the tree. The mouth area of the pipe (die little end) is usually sliced slantwise to create it easier for drinking water to circulation in and both intermodes toward the mid,dle are broken fhrough.

The pipe is kept in a location inside your home that prevents other folks from stepping over it, because if indeed they did, it could mean

uncleanness and the ancestors would penalize the family by making the family members sick or getting them misfortune in business.

The person who would go to get lucky water should be a wedded person, because which means ‘a couple’ – a straight number and a lucky number.

According to the custom made of the Dark Ha Nhi people, the individual should be the wife of the eldest child. Today, eidier die husband or wife can head to get lucky water.

When arriving at the foundation of water, the individual must burn off incense to pray to the God of Drinking water for a lot of water with regards to family, and for prosperity to circulation in like water; after that, she or he flows water in to the pipe from a steeply dropping stream.

Along the way home, she or he tries never to let an individual drop of water in the pipe get out since it would mean a lack of money. She or he goes straight home with out a rest along the way; ofherwise, the business enterprise in the year wouldn’t normally be smooth.

Every- family waits for die rooster of their family to crow In the event that their rooster is becoming sick and died, diey need to pay attention to the cockcrow- from a neighbour,ing house; nonetheless it would mean they might not be extremely lucky in the arriving yrear.

The first family to get lucky water is thought to have the most fortune and benefits in the entire year.

The lucky water is then boiled, used to create cakes or alcohol or cook food to provide to the ancestors before die family can enjoy diem to celebrate the brand new Year.