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Cuba Travel Guide , The Bellamar Caves

The Bellamar Caves were discovered by chance in February 1861 whenever a slave dropped his crowbar trying to eliminate a limestone rock. Who owns the farm, Don Manuel Santos Praga, amazed, purchased to dig there and therefore, the entry of the cave was discovered. Enterprising mainly because he was, purchased to build masonry staircases used today, set up banisters and with the move of time, installed electrical bulbs. He individually became the tourist guide while taking the site visitors through the alleys of the cave and trying to explain to them what these were seeing. During the 1st two years, a lot more than 2 thousand people visited the area, and today, those caves will be the most visited caves in Cuba.

Only 3 miles from Matanzas City, professionals estimate that the caves began their formation about 300 thousand years back when the plains where in fact the caves are actually were beneath the sea. The tectonic motions made the region rise until forming the marine terraces which can be noticed in Matanzas and its own surroundings. As time passes, these caves had been emptying and the filtration among the rocks started above the roofs of the caves; filtered waters that included carbonate of dissolved lime remaining residues while dripping, eventually forming stalactites from the roofing and stalagmites from the bottom.

These caves employ a strange beauty because a lot of its formations are shining because of the crystalline layer that covers them. Visitors enters the cave by an area called Gothic, a square chamber that’s 80 meters lengthy and 25 meters wide where amazing rock formations could be admired, like the Carrots Backyard, The Chapel of the 12 Apostles, Mrs. Mamerta, and the most well-known of most, Columbus, Cloak.

Other caverns will be the Gallery of both Lakes, The Sponge Room, The Gallery of the Dwarfs, and The Gallery of the Megalocnus to the east part of the Gothic Room. Heading in the contrary direction, the visitor will get the Hatuey Alley, THE AREA of the Women, The Lake of the Dhalias, and the well-known Bathroom of the American Female.

The region already explored covers 1.5 miles long, give or take, nonetheless it is well known that the expansion is bigger than that, around 12 miles having flooded chambers. The air could be breathed and the heat is almost stable throughout the year, around 26,C.

Specialized public bodies possess counted a lot more than 10 thousand caves around Cuba, a lot of which time from 25 million years of development; however, up even today the Bellamar Caves may be the preferred of the people and the eldest tourist center of Cuba.